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I’ve been living in Bali for over 15 years, so I know the island pretty well. I also speak Indonesian, which makes it easier to get things done and find out what’s going on locally. If you’re looking for advice on where to go while you’re here or how to make the most of your time, then look no further!

How to rent a villa in Bali.

There are many options for where to stay in Bali, from hotels to hostels. If you want a more local experience, the best option is to rent a villa.

  • Find a villa online or through recommendations from friends and family who have already been there before. Try websites like or; they have great customer service and will help you find an amazing place!
  • Negotiate with the owner on price once you’ve found something that interests you! The owner may ask for more than what other people paid before (this happens often), so it’s important not to be too caught up in finding perfection right off the bat—it can end up costing more than necessary in the long run if all else fails after months of searching…especially if those pesky costs add up quickly when traveling around Asia as often as possible without getting sick due to sleeping so much during busy work hours back home…yikes!

What to do with the kids in Bali.

  • Explore the island
  • Visit the monkey forest
  • Go to the beach
  • Visit a water park, theme park, amusement park or museum
  • Go to a zoo

Where to find the best yoga classes in Bali.

There are more than 50 yoga studios in Bali, but these are some of the best:

  • Yoga Barn (Seminyak, Ubud and Nusa Dua) – Yoga classes range from $10 to $25. They also offer massage, spa treatments and healthy juices.
  • Bali Yoga Shala (Seminyak) – Offers a wide variety of classes for all levels from $17-$30 per class or receive unlimited classes for 3 days for $60 or 5 days for $100. They also have retreats available during certain dates throughout the year which includes accommodation and food as well as all teachings and activities with an optional ayurvedic detox program included in the price!

  • Yogacamp Bali (Uluwatu Beach) – Their offerings include daily drop-in classes at various locations around Uluwatu beach where they teach Hatha Vinyasa flow yoga as well as hatha/vinyasa flow & yin yoga every morning before breakfast between 7am-8am! The cost is 20,000 IDR ($1 USD), but if you sign up online beforehand then entry is free on your birthday month OR if you bring a friend with you who hasn’t already been there then they will half price their entry fee when purchasing both tickets together so this could be useful if planning a trip here soon!

If I’m not teaching my own class at any time during your visit, then please let me know ahead of time so we can meet up somewhere else along your itinerary instead 🙂

Top 10 coffee shops in Bali.

Coffee shops are an integral part of the Bali lifestyle. They’re not just places to get a cup of joe; they’re meeting places, workspaces, and hangouts. There are so many great coffee shops all over this island that it can be hard to narrow down which ones are your favorites! Here are some of our favorite spots:

  • Kafe Batan Waru – One of the first places we went when we got here (and one of our favorites), this place has great coffee and delicious food options. We love coming here to chat with friends while working on our laptops or reading a book.
  • The Coffee Studio – This is where I go when I want some quiet time alone with my laptop or notebook in hand! It’s also a great spot for reading if you’re looking for somewhere quiet during your stay in Bali.
  • Chill House Denpasar – If you’re looking for something livelier than The Coffee Studio but still want a cozy spot for sitting down with friends over coffee or tea (or beer), check out Chill House Denpasar! Their outdoor area is perfect for enjoying an afternoon snack with friends while listening to live music from local artists such as My Darling Clementine and Mandangin Blues Band.

How to get around Bali (without renting a car or motorbike).

  • Use Grab or GoJek

Grab and GoJek are the two most popular ride-sharing apps in Indonesia. They basically do the same thing: you download their app on your phone, input your location and destination, and a driver picks you up within minutes (or sometimes even seconds). You can also schedule rides beforehand. The two companies have a bit of a rivalry between each other so prices may vary slightly depending on which one you use. A few times I had to force my driver to take me somewhere else because we were out of his pickup area—so be careful about that!

  • Use the Transjakarta Busway

The Transjakarta Busway is an elevated bus system that runs through Bali’s capital city, Denpasar, connecting many points throughout town with their own stops along its route—it’s like an elevated train! It costs only 4,000 IDR ($0.30 USD) per trip regardless of how far away from Denpasar City Center (DCC) your stop is located; however remember that this fare only covers one way travel time as return trips must still be paid separately by making use of #1 above (i.e., if someone wants to go from Kuta Beach into DCC then they would need two separate journeys within 24 hours because each journey requires an additional 10 minutes each way beyond what would normally be covered by just one pass).

Expo Guide – Your guide to all the new things happening in Seminyak. (We can update this for another month if you want!)

The Expo Guide is a monthly guide to the best things to do in Seminyak. It was recently updated for the month of May, so you can use it as a resource for finding out about local events and festivals. We can update the Expo Guide if you’d like! The Expo Guide is available on our website.

Seminyak Insider’s Guide – An A-Z of Seminyak from an Expat.

  • Visit the Bali Bird Park and see the birds.
  • Go to the beach. Any of them will do, but Kuta is right next to Seminyak so it’s a great option.
  • Have lunch at Warung Makan Pak Shanti or Gado Gado Café if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat on your way through Seminyak Square or Sunset Road (both streets are worth walking down).
  • Eat like a local at any of the small restaurants along Jl Kayu Aya and Pura Taman Hati – where you’ll find some of Bali’s best meals without having to spend an arm and a leg.
  • Take a trip through Canggu for some beautiful views – it’s only about 10 minutes away from Seminyak Square by car so make sure to include this area in your itinerary!

8 Things You Will Love About Living in Canggu.

  • The Beach
  • The Weather
  • The Food
  • The People
  • The Lifestyle (Independence, Freedom, Proximity to City)

9 Things You Will Hate About Living in Canggu.

You will hate:

  • No public transport.
  • No hospital.
  • No good supermarkets.
  • No international school. (Although I did find these three options that are worth investigating.)
  • No public library, and therefore no coffee shops or bars to hang out in like you would in a city like Sydney or Melbourne!

15 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Villas Canggu Villa Rental (find a way to work this copy into your introduction paragraph; it’s SEO friendly)

  • Rent a Villa in Canggu
  • Get Coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Go to the Beach at Uluwatu Temple or Dreamland Beach
  • Go Shopping at Warung Gede, Bali’s Largest Market
  • Ride a Bicycle Around Canggu (I can give you great recommendations on where to go)

Bali is a popular place for expats, and locals know all the best spots

Bali is a popular place for expats, and locals know the best spots.

If you’re looking for a new expat community, finding one can be challenging. We asked our local friends what they do when they want to hang out with other foreigners in Bali. They told us about events held by the Club of Freelance Writers and the International Women’s Club of Bali (IWCB). You can also check out our guide to getting involved in the expat community in Ubud


In summary, living in Bali is a great experience. The island has so much to offer: an exciting nightlife scene, amazing food, beautiful beaches and beautiful people. There are also many ways for expats to connect with others through social gatherings or even volunteering opportunities. We hope that we answered some of your questions about life here!

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