Concur Travel Request Quick User Guide + Demo New Update


What is Concur Travel Request?

Concur is a comprehensive web-based tool that integrates travel request and expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution for higher education business travel. Concur allows for the electronic processing of the following:

  • Travel Reimbursements via EFT or Mail
  • US Bank Travel Ghost Card Transactions (airfare)
  • Domestic & International Travel Approvals

Concur Modules Travel Request

Concur Travel Request Quick User Guide + Demo New Update

Concur includes three modules which should be used to perform different types of activities in the system.

Travel Request is required to obtain preapproval of your travel prior to making any travel reservations and complete an Expense Report.

Concur Travel should be used to book airfare, car rental reservations, and hotel reservations through the University’s travel management company (TMC), Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) by using the online booking tool or booking directly with a CBT agent.

Expense Report is required to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, and to reconcile any university paid transactions including US Bank Travel Ghost Card transactions.

Creating a Travel Request

An approved Travel Request using the Concur Request Module is required for anyone traveling on university business prior to booking any travel reservations and completing an Expense Report.

To create a new Travel Request, on the Concur Homepage Menu, click on Requests > New Request.

Travel Request consists of the following Tabs:

  • Request Header
  • Segments
  • Expenses
  • Approval Flow
  • Audit Trail

Request Header

fill in all required fields (boxes with red bars) related to your travel. Most fields have you make selections from a drop-down

  • Request/Trip Name: Enter Conference/workshop name if.
  • If you indicated Traveler Type: 1-Faculty, the Box If Faculty, is class covered? is a required field. This is asking if you have a substitution/plan for your courses while you are away.
  • Add Comments if there is anything else you want your approvers to know in regard to your
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Indicate appropriate chartfield information for your Travel Request. Please see Allocations section for more information.

  • For international or Group Travel, and you want to request a Travel Advance, please contact Travel Desk to activate the Travel Advance feature on the Travel.
  • Once header is complete, click on Segments.


there are 4 segments (Air, Car Rental, Hotel, Rail) you will need to provide estimates for if applicable to your travel. If you are booking travel outside Concur, please still populate these segments if applicable. Once all segments are completed, click on the Expenses Tab. Fill out all segments regardless of how you are booking your


Segments will now appear in your list of expenses. Continue to provide estimates for the following additional expense types available.

  • Since not all expense types are available in Request, use Expense Type- Other Expense to enter an estimate for those expenses you don’t see Add a comment of what the estimate is for.
  • When choosing either Meals & Incidentals – International, Alaska & Hawaii or Meals –Domestic Expense Types, the system will calculate the max daily rate by the number of days of estimates and you will indicate the actual amounts on the Expense Report.


Your default chartfield will appear on each Travel Request Header. The default fund is NGOO1. Your Dept. ID will default to your Dept. ID from HR. You can edit the chartfield at the Request Header.

If you need to allocate an expense to a different chartfield than indicated on the Request Header:

  1. Select the transaction you need to allocate from the expense.
  2. Click Allocate near the lower right corner of the Expense Details section.
  3. From the Allocate By drop-down list, choose either Percentage or Amount.
  4. Click the field under Fund or Department. Recently used chartfileds will display. You may also edit/add Program, Class, or Project fields. Select the desired segments from the drop-down list or key in the
  5. If you want to split the transaction among multiple chartfields, click Add New Allocation.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each new allocation.
  7. Click Save. The sum of the split transactions must be equal to the total.
  8. In rthmeactioonnfimessage box, click OK.
  9. In ltohceaAtel Report window, click Done.
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Approval Flow

To see who is approving your Travel Request or to see where your Request is in the workflow, open the Travel Request, then click Approval Flow Tab.

  • “Reports to” Approver name will be populated.
  • Budget Approver Name will not populate until it looks for a Budget Approver after your “Reports to” Approver approves.
  • Once approved, the date and time of approval will populate.

Approvers have 6 calendar days to approve a Travel Request. Otherwise, it will move on to another Approver.

Audit Trail

By clicking on the Audit Trail Tab of the Travel Request, it will show you all actions including a description of the action for that particular Travel Request. This includes any changes made to the Travel Request as well as all approvals.

Adding Attachment

If you need to attach a document to your Travel Request, you can do so using the Adding an Attachment option:

  1. Click on the Attachments > Attach Documents in the right hand corner of the Travel.
  2. Click Browse to find your file/s and attach any documentation you want to include with your Travel Once you found your file, click Open.
  3. Then click Upload.

For International Travel – Complete and attach Request for Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) Coverage Form to the Travel .

Please note: Your Attachments will not copy over to your Expense Report so you will need to attach again to your Expense Report if needed.

Submitting Travel Requests for Approval

After you have completed the Request Header, Segments and Expenses tabs, you can submit your request by clicking orange Submit Request button.

  • You can also click on Print/Email a Travel Request. A PDF version will pop up and you can make your selection to print or email a copy. It will ask you for an email address.
  • it is best to wait till the Travel Request is fully approved, to have the full approval flow documented.
  • Approved Travel Requests will automatically close 60 days after the travel end date.
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Recalling/Canceling a Travel Request

  1. Click on Requests > Manage Requests, then click on the name of your Request.
  2. Click Recall. Then, yes to confirm.
  3. Once recalled, you can make changes, then submit again for approval.
  4. Once Travel Request is fully approved, you can no longer recall. But you can cancel the request at any time. If you need to make changes to a fully approved Travel Request, you will need to cancel the Travel Request and then start a new one.

Creating a Blanket Travel Request

A Blanket Travel Request is acceptable for local travel (mileage only) with no overnight stay.

  • Your Blanket Travel Request can be on a fiscal year basis, and you must complete an Expense Report each month when there is travel from your approved Travel Request.
  • Travel Request/Trip Name should indicate Blanket Travel and the Fiscal Years.
  • Choose Multiple Locations (Mileage Only), California as your Destination City/State.

For Questions:


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