The Best Canadian Cities to Visit for Food and Culture


The Best Canadian Cities

The Best Canadian Cities

The Best Canadian Cities

Whether you’re planning a trip to Canada or are just looking to explore more of your own country, it’s always good to find out what else is out there. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best Canadian cities for food and culture. We’ll also explain why they’re so great—and what makes them unique!


Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and for foodies, it’s also a paradise. The Island Airport offers direct flights from Chicago and Orlando as well as many other key US destinations that make visiting Toronto easy for US travelers. And what better place to start than at one of our top dining experiences?

Toronto has been named one of the best cities in North America by Condé Nast Traveler readers for four consecutive years (and has never ranked lower than fourth). It’s known for its foodie culture: there are over 5300 restaurants representing more than 100 ethnicities serving up everything from traditional Canadian cuisines to unique dishes created by celebrity chefs like David Chang, who opened up Momofuku Ko in late 2017 after his success with Momofuku Noodle Bar; Susur Lee’s eponymous restaurant opened in 2001 when he was awarded two Michelin stars; Michael Cronin established Toque! at Peller Estates Winery & Vineyard; Jamie Oliver opened Jamie’s Italian Kitchen near Dundas Street West & University Avenue; Alo Restaurant Group recently completed its first project outside of Montreal with Alo Café Yorkville on Cumberland Street West & Bay Street South; Mark McEwan launched Bymark Restaurant ; Daniel Boulud’s Café Boulud offers French cuisine on Bloor Street West between Avenue Road & Yonge Street.


Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada for food and culture. It’s known as a hotspot for chefs, with restaurants featuring ethnic and regional influences from all over the world. The city has also become well-known for its arts scene, which consists of both classical music performances and contemporary dance shows. With this culinary diversity, you could easily spend an entire day eating your way through Montreal without ever repeating a meal.

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As if that weren’t enough, there are several things about Montreal that make it ideal for tourists in winter months: 1) While other Canadian cities may be covered in snow and ice during December through February, Montreal’s climate allows visitors to enjoy mild temperatures throughout most of these cold months; 2) The flights into Canada tend to be cheaper than their counterparts heading southward toward warmer climates like Miami or Los Angeles; 3) There are many opportunities available within walking distance of each other—you can easily see everything on foot without needing transportation or public transportation while still keeping yourself busy throughout most days!


In 2018, Vancouver saw the opening of a brand-new seafood restaurant that was voted one of the best in North America. That’s not even all: last year also brought with it a new art museum, as well as an artisanal cheese shop.

Vancouver’s culinary scene is especially strong, and there’s no shortage of places to eat here. You can go for dim sum at Yaletown’s Tonno Restaurant or head over to Chinatown for some Vietnamese pho at Phnom Penh Noodle House—or just pick up some baked goods from any number of bakeries across the city.

In addition to its diverse cuisine scene, Vancouver has many festivals and events throughout the year including: WinterCity Festival (January), Folk Fest (May), Canada Day (July 1st), Powell Street Festival (August) and Chinese New Year Parade & Dragon Boat Race Festival held in February each year!

Quebec City

Quebec City is a great place to visit for food and culture, particularly if you’re interested in French Canadian culture. In addition to being one of the oldest cities in Canada, Quebec City boasts incredible restaurants, museums and other attractions.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Quebec City without talking about poutine—the delicious combination of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy that is arguably Canada’s most famous dish (although some would argue it was invented by accident at L’Igloo Restaurant). There are many places around town where you can try this classic comfort food; however, I recommend going to La Banquise—a 24-hour diner known for its enormous portions of poutine. If you’re looking for something lighter but still satisfyingly decadent while still getting your poutine fix, try Aux Vivres—their vegan version includes homemade mushroom gravy made with kombucha! Travel Jember Malang

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If French cuisine isn’t your thing but you still want an authentic experience dining on local favorites such as smoked meat sandwiches or Montreal bagels (which are smaller than their New York counterparts), then try Schwartz’s Deli or Fairmount Bagel Co., both located downtown near Old Montreal. For those who prefer Italian food with a twist on traditional recipes like spaghetti bolognese with meatballs made from ground beef mixed with Parmesan cheese instead of sausage and basil rather than oregano; there’s also Olive et Gourmando which serves variations on traditional favorites like macaroni au gratin topped with gorgonzola cheese among others.”

Victoria, B.C.

Victoria, B.C. is British Columbia’s capital city and offers a wide range of attractions, including the Royal BC Museum, which features more than 25 galleries and the world’s largest collection of First Nations art. The city is also home to the Butchart Gardens, one of North America’s premier public gardens; Garry Oak Meadows Park—home to vast grasslands and Garry oaks that are more than 1,000 years old; Beacon Hill Park—the site of hiking trails and a network of paths along the river; Elk Lake Resort—a family-friendly campground with playgrounds and swimming areas (open year-round); Fisherman’s Wharf Marina & Harbor Centre—a hub for businesses related to marine life such as whale watching tours or kayaking lessons; Ocean Discovery Centre —an interactive museum dedicated to educating people about our oceans; plus many more attractions!

St. John’s and Halifax, N.S.

If you’re looking to experience a different side of Canada, look no further than Halifax, Nova Scotia. The city is home to the largest concentration of 18th-century architecture in North America, so there’s plenty for history buffs to enjoy. It’s also one of the best places for seafood lovers on this list—don’t forget to try local favorites like lobster rolls and fish and chips!

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St. John’s may be small in size compared with other cities on this list (it only has about 200,000 residents), but it’s big when it comes to culture and history. As one of the oldest cities in North America (founded in 1630), St. John’s has a rich past that includes everything from British rule through American occupation during World War II all the way up until today. In addition to its history museums and landmarks celebrating Newfoundland traditions like music festivals at Signal Hill Park or Royal St John’s Regatta Festival held every summer since 1818 by order of King George IV himself; there are plenty more reasons why people love visiting here.

Winnipeg and Saskatoon

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, and Saskatoon is known as The City of Bridges. Both cities are multicultural hubs with thriving food and art scenes. Winnipeg has a population of about 705,000 people, making it the largest city in Manitoba by far; there are over 200 nationalities represented within its borders. In contrast, Saskatoon has just under 300,000 residents and a population that’s almost evenly split between First Nations people (30%) and non-Indigenous Canadians (70%).

Both cities have several annual festivals centered around food or culture: Winnipeg has Folklorama (a celebration of music) while Saskatoon hosts Jazz Festival International de Louis Armstrong et du Jazz, an event focused on jazz music named after Louis Armstrong himself!

These are the best Canadian cities to visit for food and culture.

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Population: 5.8 million (2nd largest city in Canada)
  • Climate: Temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters
  • Geography: Located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario. It has been ranked one of the top 10 global cities in terms of livability, innovation and economic strength by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The city is home to many diverse neighbourhoods including Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown, Kensington Market and The Distillery District. There are over 15 museums and galleries within this great city. The Toronto Zoo is a must see where you can enjoy seeing polar bears swim or play in their natural habitat!


The best Canadian cities to visit for food and culture are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec City, Victoria B.C., St John’s Nfld and Halifax N.S., Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

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